Alex Napping – “Trembles Pt. 1″ (Stereogum Premiere)

Austin indie-rockers Alex Napping wowed us with early single “Weak Knees” last year, and today they’re back with an even greater track. “Trembles Pt. 1″ is one half of a new digital single that doubles as the soundtrack for a forthcoming short film. The song is beautifully natural yet hard to pin down, veering between the choruses’ Pavement slacker groove and the verses’ tense, fidgety, staccato rhythm. All the while Alex Cohen’s voice and an electric guitar trade simple, beautiful melodies. I’ll let Cohen explain the lyrics:

“Trembles Pt. 1″ is a struggle between commemoration and self-transformation. How do you tell someone you loved them once and still love them in many ways, but have long since moved on romantically? How can you appreciate and value the time you’ve spent with someone, but be so certain that you don’t want it anymore? “Trembles Pt. 1″ is your ex-boyfriend and telling him about your new girlfriend.

Hear “Trembles Pt. 1″ below.

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