Miley Cyrus Might Be Recording With Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace

Teenage homelessness has been a pet issue for Miley Cyrus for a while. She took a homeless kid named Jesse Helt as her date to the VMAs last year, and she recently established a foundation called Happy Hippie to help out. In her efforts, she’s made an unlikely ally in Against Me! leader Laura Jane Grace, who recently Instagrammed the above photo. Cyrus recorded a backyard Against Me! show for the charity. And while there hasn’t been any confirmation yet, online scuttlebutt says that the two are recording together, which could be fascinating if true. Cyrus has what could be a great rock voice; her rendition of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” on last night’s SNL 40th anniversary special was certainly impressive. And Grace is one of the great rock songwriters working today. Besides, it’s for a good cause, so maybe let’s be cautiously optimistic about this.