Joy Division Fans Campaigning To Turn Ian Curtis’ House Into A Museum

77 Barton Street, in the British town of Macclesfield, is the house where Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis lived, and where he hung himself in 1980. As NME points out, the house is currently for sale for £115,000, or about $176,000 U.S. And now a group of Joy Division fans has launched an Indiegogo campaign, hoping to raise £150,000 to buy the house and convert it into an Ian Curtis museum. If there’s any type of fan who would willingly visit an otherwise-unremarkable town to say, “Yup, that’s where my favorite singer’s dead body dangled,” it’s a Joy Division fan. (Joy Division fan Anton Corbijn used the house as a location in his 2007 Curtis biopic Control, so there’s some precedent there.) To date, the campaign has only raised £997, but it only just launched, so maybe they’ll get there; they still have 42 days left to go.