Geronimo! – “Low Fruit On The Vine” (Stereogum Premiere)

My first Geronimo! show was supposed to be the last Geronimo! show; the Chicagoan trio traveled to New York to play both the official and unofficial Exploding in Sound showcases, and I fortunately caught them at the latter. The band has since announced that they will play a for-real-this-time farewell show at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen on 3/28, but unless the powers that be decide to relocate SXSW to the midwestern tundra, I doubt that I’ll be attending.

Geronimo! might be one of the lesser-known names on the now expansive Exploding in Sound roster, but they’re undoubtedly one of the most beloved. The band’s final three recordings will be released on Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 — Why Did You Leave Me?, which concludes the ongoing series of Buzz Yr Girlfriend EPs, my favorite being the absurdly titled Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 3 — The Metal David Byrne. A friend and I nearly ran out of gas somewhere along the Mass Pike while listening to that see-through neon green cassette, Geronimo!’s molting, frenetic energy mimicking our nervous laughter and mumbled prayers. That’s the kind of moment that explains why we care about some bands infinitely more than others, and makes saying goodbye so devastating. A just over four minute indulgence in optimal noise, “Low Fruit On The Vine” is the kind of song that bums me out when I realize I’ll never hear it live. Listen below.

Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 — Why Did You Leave Me? is out 3/31 via Exploding In Sound. You can preorder it here.

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