Jacco Gardner – “Find Yourself”

The concept of “finding yourself” is so far distanced from having any genuine meaning in our postmodern, ironic 21st-century reality that it’s more likely to elicit a guffaw than anything else. Which is a shame, because self-exploration isn’t a vacuous carry-over from the ’60s, it’s an exercise of inner strength. So even if Dutch producer/multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner is a conduit for the sound of the Free Love decade, his music is sharply self-aware. “Find Yourself” is the first track off his sophomore record, whose title refers to the fear of sleep: Hypnophobia. Close, simple harmonies and earnest lyrics are fenced in by a rumbling bassline that nearly wanders off in search of its own truth toward the end. Gardner intones like a Zen master determined to extoll the virtues of psychedelia to his followers. I’m a convert. Listen.

Hypnophobia is out 5/5 on Polyvinyl.