Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – “The Sun Roars Into View”

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld do not make music for the faint of heart. They’ve worked together extensively in the past, and each toured with collectives like Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre, but “The Sun Roars Into View” is the first song off their debut full-length as a duo. Although its title refers to the sunrise, the song is deeply nocturnal, like a chance moonlit meeting the listener shouldn’t be privy to. It grows from the docile interaction of violin and saxophone into a dizzying tangle as they seem to turn violent in pursuit of one another. The emotional peak comes around five minutes in, when Neufeld’s wordless vocal entrance, something between a croon and a howl, is echoed back by Stetson’s saxophone. Their music doesn’t invoke fear, but it is frightening, visceral. I’ve rarely heard anything so beautiful that scares me so much. Listen.

Never Were The Way She Was will be out 4/28 via Constellation.