Sleater-Kinney – “A New Wave” Video (Feat. Bob’s Burgers)

Over the past few years, a few big indie types have guested on the Fox cartoon sitcom Bob’s Burgers or covered the show’s songs. But now, for the first time, Bob’s Burgers has put in a guest appearance in a big indie band’s video. Or, rather, the video functions as a sort of Bob’s Burgers min-episode. “A New Wave” is maybe the catchiest song on the jaw-dropping Sleater-Kinney comeback record No Cities To Love, and it’s the song they played on Letterman before they played any reunion shows. It’s now the first of the album’s songs to get a proper music video. In the clip, we see the animated version of Sleater-Kinney magically appearing in Tina Belcher’s bedroom, and a psychedelic dance party ensues. Watch the video below.

No Cities To Love is out now on Sub Pop.