Never Young – “Ur A Front”

Never Young hail from the Bay Area, a place that I can personally attest fosters a cultural environment that straight-up refuses to forget about the 1960s (if you disregard the massive influx of techies). That’s okay, because bands coming out of the region do a tremendous job fusing a sense of psychedelia with an ever-evolving guitar-centered rock aesthetic. Never Young will release their self-titled EP early next month, and “Ur A Front” is their loud and lurching new single. In three and a half minutes, Christopher Adams’ and Nikolas Soelter’s vocal performances land face-down in grating, hardcore-inspired barking that eschews any inaugural instrumental niceties. “Ur A Front” is coated in the enviable conviction of a young band that knows they’re about to make stains. Listen below.

(via NPR)

The Never Young EP will be out 3/10 via Father/Daughter. You can pre-order it here.

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