PJ Harvey Selling Lyric Sheets From Her Public Recording Project

PJ Harvey smashed the fourth wall earlier this year when she embarked on her art installation/live recording project Recording In Progress. The month-long process took place behind one-way glass at London’s Somerset House, and to commemorate the session Harvey is now selling replicas of the lyrics sheets she used to record her ninth LP.

No, not the sheets that papered her glass cube themselves, but still, fans who want to own a part of the process will probably appreciate the gesture. The lyric sheets are available here via Somerset.

But that’s not all: Harvey worked with photographer Seamus Murphy — her previous collaborator on a series of short films for Let England Shake — on a limited edition portrait, also for sale through silent auction via Somerset. Each print is signed by Harvey and Murphy and personalized in some way.

Ephemera is great, but I’m just waiting for this album to come out.

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