This Week In GIFs!

Can you remember what we were like last week? Going on about our day, having no idea that in a few more days our lives would be forever changed. Gosh, we were so stupid. But now we are bright. “Where were you when you heard of the birth of Prince George?” your children will ask you in the future. “I’m not sure, I think somewhere on a computer. Or at least I had my phone with me so I saw it on Twitter,” you’ll say. “Ah. I wish it were my turn in the time machine. I’d love to know what that felt like.” It’s going to be beautiful. LET’S LOOK AT SOME GIIIIIIIFS!

We got a peek at the new Batman/Superman movie!

A baby was born!

Nicolas Cage responded to the Internet’s obsession with Nicolas Cage!

Walt’s hat in Breaking Bad isn’t cool!

Hugh Jackman pees his pants constantly!

Ryan Gosling might play Luke Skywalker Jr.!

And, finally, we updated The Butterfly Effect for a modern audience!