This Week In GIFs!

Game of Thrones finale GIFs, you guuuuuyyyyyyssss! As I come from a place of ignorance, I was only able to grab a few that were specifically labeled as being from the season finale. Feel free to post any more good ones! (You were wondering whether or not you were free to do that, yeah?) This one I’ve highlighted here is pretty good. Reminds me of this. Is it like that in the show? Is the girl Jesus? She’s blonde and white just like Jesus for sure was. Let me know, just kidding, let’s get to some GIIIIIIIIFS!

Game of Thrones had its season three finale!

Dan Harmon officially returned to Community.

A sixth grade teacher showed his class Saw!

Will Smith and Jaden Smith kissed!

Ethan Embry told us what Can’t Hardly Wait is about!

A child knew exactly who WASN’T Iron Man!