So Anna Kendrick Has A Music Video

So Anna Kendrick Has A Music Video

The other day I was driving in a car and the radio was on and can I just say that the world we live in is a crazy world in some small ways we don’t even remember to acknowledge anymore? In this case I’m talking about how on radios now it tells you what is playing. On radios! It’s a small thing, but some of us and I’m not saying who because age is nothing but a number but some of us grew up in an era (the Great Depression) where the radio was not an iPod. You listened to the radio and if you knew the name of the song bully for you but you weren’t going to get any clues from the radio itself. It was all very hush hush. Anyway, I was listening to the radio and it said that I was listening to a song called “Cups” by an artist named Anna Kendrick. Wait, like Anna Kendrick Anna Kendrick? Apparently, yes. Remember that movie Pitch Perfect? Personally I thought that movie relied way too heavily on jokes about how fat people are so fat and how Asians are so…something racist hard to say what exactly, and I also thought Anna Kendrick’s character did not quite hold up because how is she going to be a brooding, mildly gothy, super-introspective kid who just wants to listen to…DAVID GUETTA? She makes beats and dreams of being a DJ in Ibiza but also she has never seen The Breakfast Club? I’m losing the thread of this character, movie! (Then again, I feel like I just totally described what Skrillex is like in real life so maybe the movie was spot on.) Anyway, that movie was a big success, and so they took Anna Kendrick’s a capella audition from the movie and turned it into a Mumford and Sons (or is it Of Monsters and Men? Or is it The Lumineers?) style pop song. Weird. OK. Weird but OK.

Well but and so now there is a music video.

Haha. AMERICA WILL NEVER GET ENOUGH OF STOMP. I know that this is a music video and therefore does not have to adhere to any notions of reality, but if I was working at a restaurant and I came out into the dining room and nobody said a word as they all just did a synchronised cups routine, I would spray paint FUCK IMPROV EVERYWHERE on the window and throw my apron right in my boss’s face because I quit. Anyway, I don’t know, Anna Kendrick seems like a nice enough lady, whatever that even means. I’ve never met her have you met her? Maybe she is a terrible bitch. But when the cameras are rolling she smiles and thus far has yet to be caught committing a hate crime so you can’t be too mad at her. It does seem like we are living in a world where increasingly the only requirement for making “art” is that you already be famous, but perhaps that has always been the case. Charlie Chaplin’s rap album was not bad, remember? Very hyphy.

Moving on.

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