Jamie Kennedy In Blackface For Who Cares Why?!?!

If you must know, Jamie Kennedy has a new web series called Kennedy’s Court in which he lampoons daytime courtroom shows. Right on time? America is finally ready for this send up! Those shows have only been around for 30 years. Put it on-line! Anyway, Kennedy plays a series of “hilarious” characters, including one where he dresses up in drag and does a Judge Judy parody but also THE ONE WHERE HE IS IN BLACKFACE. Eek! Guys! Guys! It’s just a webshow! Satirizing a thing that’s been kind of old news for at least a decade! You don’t HAVE TO do the blackface thing? I just feel like there are other ways to go about it. Maybe Jamie Kennedy could play three funny judges instead of four, and you just leave out the blackface judge? Just a suggestion! No? OK, that is why you are Jamie Kennedy and we are just AMERICA.

Out of all the characters that he plays, the blackface one is even the LEADING IMAGE ON THE VIDEO! He must be very proud. Jamie Kennedy, ladies and germs. Sticking it to Judge Joe Brown, 2012, USofA, Hell on Wheels.