This Week In GIFs!

WOW, WHAT A LONG WEEK! Not bad, for sure. Lots of great things happened, like when our friend’s puppy came over while we were watching the debate and make the whole thing a lot less upsetting, and how 30 Rock came back this week, and how every day we got to go to sleep at the end of it. Those were all great! But man, they sure seemed like they took a lot longer than they usually do. Let’s go back and make them all last a little longer, though, through these delightful little GIFs! Perfect.

It was Peanuts 60th birthday!

We found out Seth MacFarlane is going to host the Oscars!

Benedict Cumberbatch talked about being Andy Serkis!

Kelsey Grammer finally responded to Piers Morgan’s lifetime ban!

Barack Obama lost the powerful Scott Stapp endorsement!

A man inherited a terrifying clown collection!

We all saw Looper!

We learned about Star Wars yoga!

There is an Arrested Development contest you can enter!

We all watched the presidential debate!

And, finally, Thursday night TV happened!