Paul Ryan Isn’t A “Lyrics” Guy

At the risk of turning this into ALL WACK POLITICIANS ALL THE GODDAMN TIME, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has fired the next salvo in the unending war between Paul Ryan vs Rage Against The Machine.

Wait, the fucking what?

Evidently, for those of us who have shamefully not been keeping up with the iPod that could be a heartbeat away from being the Presidential iPod, the GOP’s very own Paul Ryan lists among his favorite bands Rage Against The Machine. As Morello puts it, “Ryan claims that he likes Rage’s sound, but not the lyrics.”

Holy shit, seriously? Because that is straight up an amazing way to consume music. Oh the real, it reminds me of that awesome Newsradio episode (I know, I’m old as fuck) where Phil Hartman’s character, the clueless blowhard Bill loves rap but turns the bass up so high he’s didn’t realize there were actual lyrics.

The other, like legitimately awesome, thing about this is that it is probably possible to staff up an entire anti-Ryan protest with signs entirely quoting Rage Against The Machine lyrics. Any of you Improv Everywhere heads out there want to head to the campaign trail and get this shit done?

How Racist Is This?