This Week In GIFs!

What a week! NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars, President Obama revealed his undying love for Anne Hathaway, AND you guys all got mad at me because I said one negative thing about Breaking Bad in my entire life. When you’re given weeks like these, sometimes it’s hard to let them go. But, I’m so sorry you guys, it’s time. Almost. I mean, the day is not over yet, and this week isn’t actually going to be over at the end of the work day obviously, but you understand what I’m saying. What I’m saying is: Let’s look at GIFs of the things that happened this week.

There was a new Breaking Bad and we all disagreed about it!

NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars!

Michelle Williams shared an anecdote about Ryan Gosling in rehearsals for the film Blue Valentine!

We all picked our “desert island celebrities”!

Barak Obama loooooooves Anne Hathaway!

Target is selling a $1000 Hunger Games broach!