This Week In GIFs!

Obviously, the big story this week was all the SMANIEL SMOSH nonsense that I legitimately never want to talk about again, not even if you gchat me and say something like, “Wow, I hope no one ever wants to talk about the such-and-such stuff again,” because in response to that I will say nothing, not even a “me too,” because I LEGITIMATELY DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! And then we won’t even get to gchat. Fittingly, there will be no GIFs about that thing in this week’s GIF roundup, even though it did happen this week. That is why I have chosen this old Moneymaker Mike GIF to bring us into the rest of the post. Krispy Kreme had a new song this week! That was great. It’s important to remember the great things. Let’s remember the rest of them.

We thought of some better questions to ask Emma Stone!

Star Jones needed to shut up!

We got a new Krispy Kreme joint!

A girl did 150 Pokemon voices!

You need to beware of Benedict Cumberbatch, ladies!


Andrew Garfield may hate Robert Pattinson!