It’s Time To Talk About Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Trailer, You Guys

Goooood documentary! I think there’s one thing that all Americans can agree upon, and that is that every problem in America can be solved by watching Kirk Cameron make a hilarious confused face for two hours. This guy is SO confused! Maybe he’d be less confused if he wasn’t a father of six? I don’t know, I’m just saying that it seems like being a father of six is where this all starts. Because as a father of none, this movie looks UH-VERY AH-DUMB. I’ve watched this trailer eight times and I honestly have no idea what this movie is about. He goes to a jail in England? And then he reads the Presidents’ Book of Secrets? Because he’s looking for good news? But there won’t be any good news until more tourists start visiting that one statue? WHO WILL STAND WITH KIRK CAMERON AND FIGHT FOR HIS FAMILY (OF SIX, VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER) BECAUSE OF THE STATUES AND THE MAYFLOWER? GUYS? ANYONE? BUELLER? (Thanks for the tip, Amy.)