The Long Lost Mr. Belvedere AIDS Episode

Uhhhhh. At first you’re like, well, no, right? No. Probably not. You can do all kinds of tricks with Photoshop these days, so I think the answer is no. But then Michelle Collins over at Best Week Ever did some research and found the following description of the episode’s plotline:

When one of Wesley’s friends is revealed to have AIDS, he is taken out of school due to the ignorance and uncertainty that many of the other children’s parents share. This leads Wesley to shun his friend in fear of getting the disease himself.

Goooooood episode of televisioooonnnnnnn! (This guy knows what I’m talking about.) What that description doesn’t include is the part of the episode when Gaeten Dugas, the legendary “Patient Zero,” timidly knocked on the door to Wesley’s room and asked if he wanted someone to talk to, and then sat on Wesley’s bed and explained how he gave his friend AIDS on purpose because he was a sadistic and self-loathing monster. LOLOL. From now on, when people try and tell me that this is some kind of “Golden Age of Television” because of How to Make It in America or whatever, I’m going to laugh in their face, shout “THINK AGAIN, PAL!” and then shove this clip right in their FACE.