BREAKING FART NEWS: George Clooney Thinks Farts Are Funny!

George Clooney is on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone, obviously. Anyway, in the piece, George Clooney admits that farts, farting, the word fart, and the very concept of farts make him laugh. From EW:

In the candid chat, the Ides of March and Descendants star, reveals that farts (yes, farts) can send the world’s classiest man into hysterics. “[My friends and I] think it’s one of the funniest things in the history of mankind. Even the idea of a fart makes me laugh. Saying the word ‘fart’ makes me laugh. I have iFart on my phone. I have remote whoopee cushions. Farts. To me, there’s nothing funnier.” Clooney also notes that the word “Johnson” can make him laugh…

Oh, George. He’s right, obviously. Farts ARE hilarious. (Not as amused by the word “Johnson,” but that’s probably why I’m not a world famous movie star.) And this is just the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from a prankosaurus rex. Classic Clooney. Dude owns a castle in Italy, which is probably where he has all of his REMOTE CONTROLLED WHOOPIE CUSHIONS DELIVERED. “Just leave them in the foyer, I’ll set them up after cocktail hour.” That’s when he gets you. After cocktail hour. When you’re relaxed. Fucking George Clooney. America’s Prankmander in Farts.