This Week In GIFs

We’ve had a rough week, guys. First we lost two of our closest friends, Entourage and True Blood, then there were more GOP debate nightmares, and finally we had to learn about Nicolas Cage’s horrific home invasion. Where’s God when you need him, right? I don’t know. I’d like to tell you the answer but the truth is that I just do not know. The best we can do is keep our heads up and our feet moving forward, while also looking back every once in a while but only to remember the happy times. Like, remember when we all still had one more episode of Entourage to watch before it was over forever? And then we watched it and it was NEW? Those are the times I’m talking about, pretty much exclusively. Let’s relive them.

Entourage ended with a fantastic series finale! Goodbye, Entourage! I miss you already!

This season of True Blood ended with another fantastic season finale! Goodbye, True Blood! See you soon!

Breaking Bad was on and was actually fantastic!

James Franco bought James Franco fan art from a 13-year-old and it was pretty cute!

We all entered a Bill Murray poetry contest!

There was more evidence released that confirmed Brad Pitt as a real prankosaurus!

Nicolas Cage was awoken by a naked man with a fudgesicle!

Idris Elba released our first autumn jam of 2011!