Batman Flying Thing Looks Silly Out Of Context

Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been much else going on lately, or maybe it’s because Pittsburgh is kind of boring and everyone there has just been waiting for something like this to happen to them, or maybe it’s because this is just a very big movie that people are excited about, but it seems like lately every single day there are more “behind the scenes” things from the set of The Dark Knight Rises on every single blog in the world. (And now this blog.) (OOPS.) I get that it’s a big movie, but there have been lots of big movies? Why is this big movie movie so special? Why does everyone have to see every single thing from this movie being filmed? The most recent thing that everyone in the world is talking about is the Batwing vehicle. It is certainly a spoiler, so if you’ve been doing your best to avoid seeing this Batwing thing that honestly just looks like the first image that pops into my head when I close my eyes and think of Batman Vehicle Not A Car, then do not look at this and I apologize. [For you, maybe you would like to watch this video of a man dressed up as batman hanging upside down on a subway in Moscow?] But. For those of you who are going to look at it because you aren’t the most uptight nerds in the world (again, my apologies), it is just the silliest looking thing. Hahahah. Big dumb batman thing getting slowly driven around on a car with fake snow flying everywhere. MOVIE MAGIC! 

Very silly. If you ask me. Which you didn’t even need to do obviously because I’m just telling you right now that I think it looks very silly. My question is, though: How will they make this look like a movie? Is this just a dry run and then later it will be nighttime and they will film it and it will be more obvious how they will turn it into an actual movie? I’m certainly no Movie Genius, clearly, it is very clear by all of the things I just said and some other things I’ve said in the past, but I AT LEAST know that they need some sort of green screen and/or a guy dressed up is some sort of suit with sensors all over his body and/or a computer to make these effects look believable. And I don’t see any of those things. I only see a silly looking batman thing on a car on the street in the daytime with fake snow. Fucking movies, how do they work? Right? That reference? Right. (Via VVV.)