Snooki Reading The 48 Laws Of Power While Straddling Playground Equipment In Fur-Fringed Uggs

The 3rd Law Of Power: Never let your enemy overestimate you.

The 11th Law Of Power: Keep your friends close, and your publicist closer.

The 14th Law Of Power: When you leave the field of battle, salt the earth with your vagina so that nothing else may grow there.

The 29th Law Of Power: Be three feet tall.

The 36th Law Of Power: If your friend is not on the list at Chubby’s, they are your enemy.

The 42nd Law Of Power: The wise man knows how to use babytalk and incessant whining to his advantage.

The 48th Law Of Power: Destroy your enemy completely by making them laugh so hard their butt falls out.

(Thanks for the tip, Bubbles.)