Duh Aficionado Magazine: Danny Boyle Exploited The Children Of Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire feels like it came out a millionaire years ago, and yet, at long last, Danny Boyle has broken his legendary silence regarding the fact that he exploited impoverished children for his “art.” From (via Vulture):

When asked if he thinks he exploited the kids, Boyle told the Sunday Times, “Yes. But you exploit everyone in a film and I think we’ve been responsible. We set up a lot for them before any fuss started. We put them into school and set in place a trust that will look after them until they are 17.

“When the film became a huge hit, we got money from the profits to buy houses. Rubina has still not moved into the property, but the process is ongoing. I saw them the last time I was there.”

No duh. This is like George Bush admitting he was terrible at being president. WE KNOW! NOW WHAT?! Wait a second, though, Rubina still has not moved into the property? Yikes. Also, is it true that you exploit everyone in a film, Danny Boyle? Everyone? How about this guy? How about this guy? How about this guy? It’s almost as if Danny Boyle had to exploit them! Because D) It was written. Get it, Danny Boyle? Danny Boyle gets it. Asshole.