The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Sad Keanu Reeves

Over the weekend, this photo of Keanu Reeves looking sad on a park bench surfaced and almost instantly became the Internet’s favorite new meme. It’s the new One Doesn’t Just Look Sad on a Park Bench into Mordor, or whatever. People are having a lot of fun with it. So now it is our turn to have fun with it! Write a caption of what Keanu is thinking! Or write a caption of what Keanu is writing on his jeans with a Sharpie when he should be paying attention to the teacher! And in this Very Special Edition of the Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest, you can also post FUNNY PHOTOSHOPS (incredible bonus!) of sad Keanu looking sad in different sadnarios. It’s up to you. Or is it? Have you ever wondered if maybe free will was a myth, that we were all just pre-programed actors performing a play that no one was watching, and that life itself was meaningless, just a swirl of human dust on a giant dead rock hurtling through infinite abandoned space? The whole thing gets so heavy you can barely even finish your sandwich. Barely. Just choking it down.

The winner will receive special recognition in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, which should help turn that frown upside down!