Operation Watch This: BrainRush

At some point the Cartoon Network rebranded itself as CN. I’m not sure when this happened because as a 51-year-old man I tend to be out of the loop on children’s television branding initiatives. But now, the CN is adding live action programming to its schedule*. I guess it only took 17 years to realize that a repetitive loop of old Hanna Barbera cartoons isn’t the way to get all the money. ANYHOW, one of the new live-action shows is a game show for teenagers called BrainRush. Contestants have to answer trivia questions while RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER. Incredible. Whoever came up with this idea gets all the Bagel Bites. Congratulations. Here is a clip:

So good. Look, as far as I am concerned, the only thing teenagers are good for is raking my lawn, bagging my groceries, and staying out of my way as I creep towards death. I’m probably never going to actually watch this show. It wasn’t made for me. But I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that it exists. Wait, yes I can. I appreciate that it exists A LOT.

*For the purposes of this blog post, I am not including Adult Swim as part of the CN, since they’re both marketed differently, to entirely different demographics.