Nothing Can Prepare You For The After Last Season Trailer

This is the trailer for a movie called After Last Season that will have a theatrical release of some kind this spring, though it’s so obscure it’s not even on YouTube yet. I’ve watched this at least ten times in the past hour, just trying to figure out why it exists. From the cardboard MRI machine, to the “special effects,” to the people, to the chair, to the sentences, this trailer is truly unfathomable. Like the Songsmith commercial, it seems like it could only have been made in a parallel universe that irony forgot. Or written and directed by a small child. In the ’80s. I don’t even know, just watch this!

OKAY, WHAT WAS THAT? Some sort of Dogme ’95 parody? Art? Oh shit, it’s art isn’t it? Fooled me once, shame on art, etc. But it will have a theatrical release and the MPAA seems to have approved the trailer, so even if it is an art school thesis project, why is it coming out in theaters? And, just for starters (the first scene!), how did they get a grown man to pretend to be a doctor and identify a large piece of cardboard as an MRI machine with a straight face? The official website offers no clues beyond a vague synopsis. All I know is I want all my friends to see this so they’ll understand what I’m talking about when I quote from it (“Hi, I’m a new intern.”) (Huge thanks to Matt Tobey for finding this and tipping us off.)