You Be The Blog: The Bruno Movie

Here at, we spend most of the day cracking wise (so wise, we crack the wisest) about the state of pop culture and visual entertainment. It’s our job to come up with snap judgments based on little to no information, and to use those snap judgments to over-enthusiastically applaud or unfairly deride the world’s latest trampoline accidents and TV show trailers. But sometimes a project comes along about which it’s very difficult to form a hyperbolic opinion. What then? Well, if you think it’s so easy to blog all day (it’s really, really easy), why don’t you do it?

Defamer got their hands on some footage of Sacha Baron Cohen disrupting a Prop 8 rally in his Bruno costume. The video itself is actually some kind of proposed evidence on the part of the cameraman who filmed it showing how he got allegedly shoved by the Bruno camera crew. When will we put an end to the cameraman on cameraman violence? But what the clip really shows, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that poking fun at the heated debate over homosexuality and gay rights lacks the casually offensive but ultimately benign Boratian exposure of American Xenophobia. Granted, Borat did encourage some intense displays of racism and anti-semitism, but the fact of the matter is that anti-Jew ballot measures don’t have the same fearsome draw on election day. I don’t know, this just feels different.

Clip after the jump.

Is Bruno actually going to be funny? I feel pretty confident about Sacha Baron Cohen’s political views and the spirit of exposing America’s homophobic hatred for comedic purposes isn’t inherently bad. But at the same time, the idea of hearing a bunch of drunk college kids chanting Bruno catchphrases like “assholes are for shitting, not for fucking,” would not only prove that they’d all missed the point but kind of work to the opposite effect. But then again, Borat had “throw the Jew down the well.” I don’t know. Blogging’s hard! (Blogging is not hard.)

Why don’t you be the humorless old stick in the mud for once, Doctor.