Deepak Chopra Finally Breaks His Silence On The Love Guru

Deepak Chopra, the Indian spiritual icon and successful self-help author has finally broken his long silence on his BFF Mike Myers’s racist disaster The Love Guru.

“‘The Love Guru’ didn’t work well because Mike Myers addresses a teenage audience, and he was trying to mix it up with metaphysics,” Chopra told MTV News. “Humor mixed with spirituality can work, if it’s done well. But frankly speaking, this was not a good attempt.”

The funny thing about this isn’t that Deepak Chopra saw The Love Guru, or that he has come up with his own theory about why the film was unsuccessful. It’s that someone in the media is still writing about The Fucking Love Guru. Is there really anyone out there who’s still trying to figure out why the Love Guru was horrible? We haven’t gotten to the bottom of that incredible mystery?

Do you see what I did there? I criticized people for writing about the Love Guru in a post about The Love Guru. It’s called a double-standard, and like all double-standards, the person accused of it doesn’t care.