Joel McHale’s Tyra-Taunting Is Getting A Little Suspicious

The Soup’s unspeakably wonderful Joel McHale continues to insult Tyra Banks in every interview he does. Joel spoke at a film critics’ meeting yesterday, whatever that is, and was at it again, poking at Tyra like it’s a long-term plan for getting on her show:

Asked if he’d ever met Tyra Banks, he said, “I only have had contact with a few of her wigs. And they were in a band. They were on tour. No, I have not met Tyra. She is a foot-and-a-half taller than me, so I can’t come face-to-face with her. But, no, I have not seen her yet. And I have no idea what she’s going to do. I can’t — my guess is she’ll start talking about herself.”

Joel might be a little bit over-obsessed. Here’s his most recent Soup rant about Tyra’s miraculous ability to turn every conversation back to her favorite subject (and apparently, Joel’s): herself.

He’d better not, in the talk-show-feud tradition, agree to go on her show and make up and hug. We need someone out there speaking truth to Tyra.