The Simpsons: Lisa Turns Her Camera On

The Simpsons: Lisa Turns Her Camera On

Last night’s Simpsons was a treat for indie movie and documentary fans (Jim Jarmusch! A Slamdance joke!). Lisa makes a documentary about her family called Capturing The Simpsons (ha) that makes it into Sundance, only to be beaten by Nelson’s real-tears-inducing documentary. The episode also featured a treat for Spoon fans who’ve maybe seen a few too many Spoon songs in car commercials, this little Simpsons video for “I Turn My Camera On”:

My favorite line came later in the show, when snobby Sundance audience members described Capturing The Simpsons this way:

Man: What a wonderful film about horrible people.
Woman: They’re like the family from hell on acid that’s on steroids.

(The entire episode is on Hulu.)

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