Stream Nicolas Jaar’s Original Soundtrack To The 1969 Armenian Film The Color of Pomegranates

Nicolas Jaar has shared a score that he composed for the 1969 Armenian experimental film The Color Of Pomegranates, which was directed by Sergei Parajanov. He posted the entire movie on Youtube earlier today with his new instrumentals placed on top of it. The project is split up into 20 tracks, and is referred to by the shortened name Pomegranates. You can listen to the whole thing below.

01 “Garden Of Eden”
02 “Construction”
03 “Pass The Time”
04 “Survival”
05 “The Fool And His Harem”
06 “Being And Nothingness”
07 “Near Death”
08 “Beasts Of This Earth”
09 “Fall Into Time”
10 “Folie à Deux”
11 “Screams At The Edge Of Dawn”
12 “Divorce”
13 “Three Windows”
14 “Touristas”
15 “Shame”
16 “Tower Of Sin”
17 “Kapital”
18 “Volver”
19 “Spirit”
20 “Muse”

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