Weed – “Stay In The Summer” (Stereogum Premiere)

Some people get really hung up on band names. If a name is too snarky, the band risks being labeled as some kind of liberal arts school reject, if it’s too long they’re emo, if it’s too self-serious then they’re definitely over-compensating for something. Naming your band “Weed” is bound to be a turn-off for some, but it’s also guaranteed to turn heads. It’s attention-seeking and it’s effective. The Vancouver-based band just signed to Lefse Records and will be releasing their forthcoming LP Running Back in April. Weed are fated to be labeled as “slacker rock” by anyone having a difficult time coming up with adjectives, but “Stay In The Summer” is anything but lazy. Just under three minutes of tightly coiled noise, there are dozens of tiny bits of instrumentation to pick out of the barrage, my personal favorite being the winking snare hit that comes in at around two minutes. Weed sounds absolutely nothing like a jam-band. Exhale and enjoy.

Check out Weed’s tour dates:
03/14 Vancouver BC @ Pinhole Printing (7″ Release Show)
03/20 Bellingham WA @ House Show
03/21 Tacoma WA @ Bleak Outlook Festival
04/01 Vancouver BC @ Antisocial Skate Shop (LP Release Show)
04/03 Brooklyn NY @ DBTS
04/04 Harrisonburg VA @ Macrock
04/05 Providence RI @ Spark City
04/06 Montreal QC @ Drones Club
04/07 Philadelphia PA @ TBA
04/08 Washington DC @ Union Arts
04/09 Atlanta GA @ Drunken Unicorn
04/10 Jacksonville FL @ Rain Dogs
04/11 Gainesville FL @ The Atlantic

Running Back is out 4/7 via Lefse.

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