Arcade Fire’s Win & Will Butler To Talk Music Economy With Paul Krugman At SXSW

With dwindling album sales and 360 deals and increasing corporate-sponsorship encroachment, the economics of the music business are getting tougher and tougher to figure out. You practically need to talk to two rock stars and a Nobel Prizewinning economist. Fortunately, SXSW attendees will get that chance this year. New York Times columnist and world-renown economist Paul Krugman will join Arcade Fire members Win and Will Butler (the latter of whom also knows some things about newspapers) for a panel discussion about “the celebrity economy in music.” They’ll talk about how artists will make money in the years ahead, a crucial question for anyone who loves music enough to go to SXSW. The panel will also feature Berger Management’s Nicky Berger, Nielsen’s Tatiana Simonian, and Grantland’s Rembert Browne. It goes down 3/19 at 12:30PM in Room 18ABC of the Austin Convention Center. Go learn something.