Fred Thomas – “Cops Don’t Care, Pt. II”

Like “Bad Blood” before it, Saturday Looks Good To Me leader Fred Thomas’ latest solo track, “Cops Don’t Care Pt. II,” is a wordy, weighty reflection. But unlike that track, which is caustic and filled with contempt at a relationship gone sour, this takes a more laid back approach for a significantly heavier topic, setting its sights on social injustices with the plucky, laissez-faire attitude of the cops in his worldview. “Nobody’s safe from the law, because they don’t give a fuck,” Thomas sings at the end of the track. “They don’t give a fuck about us.” And while it may seem a little grating for a white kid to complain about police brutality, Thomas pulls it off with sincerity and a sort of rearview mirror pessimism. As with “Bad Blood,” the most captivating moments here are when Thomas’ voice picks up to a mile-a-minute pace, running through lines like he can’t get them out fast enough, and remarkably never stumbling once: “Life is so incredibly long, like a kiss on a bridge between two nervous ass kids terrified of doing everything wrong.” Listen below.

(via FADER)

All Are Saved is out 4/7 via Polyvinyl.