The Super Furry Animals Comeback Is On

For many years, Super Furry Animals were a way bigger deal than a band of ferociously Welsh art-pop conceptualists could reasonably expect to be. The Super Furrys never broke up, but they haven’t released an album since 2009’s Dark Days/Light Years, and they’ve been busy with side projects since then. It looks like the hiatus is about to come to an end. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, the band recently shared a couple of videos of people inflating a balloon version of what appears to be the bear from the cover of their 1997 album Radiator. One has the title “Deffro’r arth o’i drwmgwsg,” which Google Translate tells us is Welsh for “Woke from his slumber bear,” and the other is called “You’re in for a big surprise.” We don’t yet know what any of that means, but it’s promising. Check it out below.

Something tells us that we at Stereogum headquarters will have to dust off the old Welsh-to-English translator machine sometime very soon.