M83 & HAIM – “Holes In The Sky”

The soundtrack album for last year’s young-adult sci-fi epic Insurgent featured some striking pairings, like Kendrick Lamar with Tame Impala, or A$AP Rocky with Gesaffelstein. Insurgent, the next movie in the Divergent saga, seems like it’ll continue that trend. The first single from the Insurgent soundtrack is “Holes In The Sky,” which pairs M83’s Anthony Gonzalez (someone who seems to only write music for the movies these days) with the three HAIM sisters. The resulting song has basically none of M83’s synthy romanticism or HAIM’s soft-rock playfulness. Instead, it’s a big, stormy orchestral ballad that, at times, sounds like the opening to a Bond movie. It builds and builds, layering harmonies on top of strings on top of keyboards, and it will definitely soundtrack something both slow-motion and CGI in the movie. In a statement, HAIM says, “We’ve been fans of Anthony Gonzalez and M83 for a long long time so when he reached out to have us sing on the song we were ecstatic. We had the best time in the studio with him, it all happened so fast and was so easy and natural. We are so excited to be a part of this movie.” Below, listen to the song and watch the Insurgent preview, which also features the track.

(via MTV)

Insurgent is in theaters 3/20.

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