Faith Healer – “Canonized”

Jessica Jalbert is the brains behind Edmonton’s Faith Healer, whose music is like a cross section of ’60s psychedelia and lo-fi bedroom recordings. Jalbert’s voice is understated yet bold, and it fits like a glove over tracks that range from Byrds-esque jangles to garage rock freak-outs. On “Canonized,” the newest track from the band’s upcoming Cosmic Troubles LP, we get a sampler of the many flavors that Faith Healer is capable of pulling off. It moves flawlessly between an ominous prog-rock verse and a chorus that explodes in fizzy guitars and retro backing vocal “ahs.” The whole thing feels like your acid is kicking in right as the sun cuts through the rain clouds. Hear it below.

Cosmic Troubles is out 3/31 on Mint.

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