Nosaj Thing – “Cold Stares” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

A few months ago, Chance the Rapper tweeted a mysterious, down-tempo track called “Cold Stares” only to take it down shortly afterward. As it turns out, the song is the first single off of Los Angeles DJ/Producer Nosaj Thing’s upcoming LP Fated, as well as the pair’s second collaboration. Chance usually reclines on the track, but on “Cold Stares,” he’s camly alert, sprinkling his introspective, stream-of-consciousness rhymes across Nosaj Thing’s gorgeously somber beat. Chance starts out in a calm croon then whips out a jackknife of a verse that’s gone before you know it. The whole track is slow as a melting glacier, with ghostly vocal samples trickling in and out like soulful little tributaries. Hear the collaboration and check out the Fated tracklist below.

Fated tracklist:
01 “Sci”
02 “Don’t Mind Me” [ft. Whoarei]
03 “Realize”
04 “Varius”
05 “Cold Stares” [ft. Chance the Rapper]
06 “Watch”
07 “UV3″
08 “Let You”
09 “Moon”
10 “Erase”
11 “Medic”
12 “A”
13 “Phase IV”
14 “Light #5″
15 “2K”

Fated is out 5/5 via Innovative Leisure.