Stream GFOTY & Spinee’s Dog Food Mix 1

We’ve been blessed with a lot of new stuff from PC Music lately, including A.G. Cook’s new one with Hannah Diamond “Drop FM” and details on the label’s SXSW showcase. Today GFOTY and Spinee have released a new compilation called Dog Food Mix 1 that sounds like it’s mostly GFOTY songs remixed by Spinee or both girls together. The first track on Dog Food is called “Huge Spinee,” and it’s a remix of GFOTY’s “Huge” from her Cake Mix (go to about 4:30 to hear the original). The second track “Brand New Car” also references a line from GFOTY’s “My Song” (around 0:47), so the way they’ve built the tape intertextually leads to really cool moments of recognition for obsessive listeners — shout out to James for helping me pick out the references. The mix is also a preview for their SXSW Boiler Room set on 3/15; get all the details on that here. As always, the songs sounds great, but hearing the two engage in doomsday dog food aphrodisiac sketches in between tracks is equally entertaining. Listen below.

Tags: GFOTY, Spinee