Scott Weiland Explains Why Grandaddy Is One Of His Favorite Bands

Scott Weiland Explains Why Grandaddy Is One Of His Favorite Bands

Grandaddy and Stone Temple Pilots were two of my favorite bands circa 2000, and I’m happy to report that they like each other, too. Actually, I can’t confirm how Jason Lytle feels about STP, but Scott Weiland apparently is a big fan of Grandaddy. Weiland told Esquire about his 10 favorite bands, and Grandaddy made the cut. Here’s what he had to see about the band’s unmistakable dystopian electronic twee-folk prog:

They’re this lo-fi art punk pop kind of band that has a lot of experimentation with sounds and loops and funky guitar, and really great tongue-in-cheek lyrics, really well-written. My favorite album by Grandaddy is Sumday. I never did get a chance to see them live, but every song is basically amazing, starting with ‘Now It’s On,’ which is just a rollicking fuzzy pop song that’s still kind of bizarre. ‘The Go in the Go-for-It’ and ‘The Group Who Couldn’t Say’ are probably my favorites. The band’s from Modesto [California] and I used to go to Modesto sometimes for Christmas because my dad’s side of the family had family there. And I couldn’t wait to leave. They had a song in 28 Days Later… I can’t think of the title. [Asks wife] ‘What’s it, babe?’ ‘A.M. 180′ is the song. It’s when [the actors] found that grocery store full of food and they were going down the aisles all happy as can be, grabbing bottles of scotch and Twinkies. And they played that. It’s a really zany song.

Now that he mentions it, “Now It’s On” is totally a secret Scott Weiland song — just needs a little extra rasp. He also shared words about the Flaming Lips, David Bowie, Pixies, Jack White, the Rolling Stones, Masters Of Reality, Queens Of The Stone Age, the Beatles, and the Clash. Read the whole thing here and check out his playlist below.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty.]

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