Dr. Ken Lo – “Day 3″ Video

Brooklyn rapper Ka has a flickering, incantory take on New York boom-bap that comes entirely from the man himself; he barely ever works with anyone else, in any capacity. But Ka recently formed a new Manchurian Candidate-inspired duo with the producer Preservation, whose style is, if anything, even more minimal than his own. Together, they’ve got an album called Days With Dr. Ken Lo coming sometime soon, and we’ve already posted their new “Day 0” video. Their new self-directed “Day 3″ clip is along those same lines: Murky, noirish shots of New York at its darkest, all artfully framed, with Ka playing a wise and wizened street samurai throughout. Watch it below.

(via Nah Right)

No word yet on when Days With Dr. Ken Lo will arrive, but it will most definitely be worth your time.