Ovlov Break Up (For Real This Time)

Ovlov Break Up (For Real This Time)

I got word that Ovlov officially announced their breakup on Saturday sometime between watching Krill on the outdoor stage at Austin’s Liberty Bar and witnessing Pile woo a crowd for the third time in a week. The news came in a screenshot via text message, and my frantic response was: “Wait. No. Is this forreal this time? FORREAL FORREAL?” Back in the summer of 2014, the Connecticut-based Exploding In Sound signees declared that they were over via Facebook, using a Degrassi analogy to explain the separation. Judging by frontman Steve Hartlett’s latest post to the band’s page, this time the separation isn’t a joke. Read below.

hey friends, ovlov has been a band for over 6 years now. you’ve seen us ‘break up’ twice and play with over 20 different people. most of you will probably just shrug this off and assume i’ll be back eventually with good news but i don’t want to keep doing that. it’s unfortunately made me the boy who cried wolf but if you all remember the end to the story, there is eventually a wolf. i have a 2nd album+ worth of new songs that i planned on using for ovlov, but have been debating on what to use them for. trying to make this into a band for this long has only just created problems with the people closest to me. i’ll ramble on about this forever if i try to explain myself any further, so i’ll just leave you with this… i’m going to stop trying to make ovlov into something it’s not and continue to do it under circumstances that aren’t so selfish and unrealistic. i will record all the songs i had written for what would have been the next ovlov record but it will be under a new name and not as good because i’ll be playing everything. i hope you’ll still like it. thanks for listening and following us. -Steve

R.I.P. Ovlov. Take time to mourn by listening to their final full-length, 2013’s am, below.

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