Migos – “One Time” Video

Migos are repping the lead single from their debut album YRN Tha Album hard, and even if “One Time” doesn’t elicit the same crowd response as “Handsome And Wealthy” or “Hannah Montana,” it’s still an enjoyable track. In the Ninian Dof-directed clip the Atlanta trio recover from a wild night interspersed with some incredible stop-motion-sequences that replay some of the party’s crazier moments. The video includes cameos from noted Lil B fan Blake Anderson of Workaholics — who we all know dearly loves parties — and football player DeSean Jackson. And while I can’t say for sure, I lived in Malibu for four years and I’d be willing to swear this was shot at a mansion somewhere way off in one the city’s many canyons. Watch it below.

YRN Tha Album is out 6/16 via Quality Control Music/300.

Tags: Migos, Ninian Dof