Inheaven – “Regeneration”

First, that huge heart-stopping drum sequence kicks in. It’s half-washed out and quickly joined by the lead singer’s snarling, nasal vocals, wondering LCD Soundsystem’s eternal question — “Where are your friends??” To balance all this aggression, airy, barely-there female harmonies worthy of Bilinda Butcher seep in like light through a curtain, only to be swallowed up by a pulverizing chorus that those drums hinted at all along. “Regeneration” is the first we’ve heard from Inheaven, a band from South East London whose sound clamps on with the vicious, unrelenting grip of a bear trap then evaporates completely. “I want to be born again,” their frontman snarls, but he’s not really asking — this song is teeming with enough combustive spiritual energy to function as its own life source. Listen below.

“Regeneration” is out 5/5 via B3SCI/AMF records.

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