Fans With Parquet Courts Tattoos Get Free Concerts For Life

If you have chosen to emblazon your body with a tattoo in tribute to Brooklyn indie-rock mainstays Parquet Courts, then good news! Your decision will earn you free admission to Parquet Courts concerts for life. The band members explain in a recent post on their website:

Got a Parquet Courts tattoo? What the hell were you thinking? In order to shelter your fragile soul from the sting of deep, venomous regret, Parquet Courts are going to allow you free entrance, for life, into any Parquet Courts show*.
*Does not include side-projects, solo performances, weddings, open mic nights, “talks,” etc.

Good luck to all the doormen, list-runners, and PR people that will have to deal with the fallout from this generous gift. Also, if you have a Parquet Courts tattoo please post it in the comments.