Elliot Moss – “Best Light”

My friend’s SoundCloud was idly playing in the background a few weeks ago when Elliot Moss’ “Slip” came on. She’s a former music blogger with impeccable taste, so I always love it when she plays me music, but this was different. The song stood out immediately. Moss’ falsetto vocals evoke Justin Vernon with uncanny similarity, with just a little more roundness where Vernon is brittle, and the stop-start stutter sampling makes even the slow pace feel danceable. Since then, I tracked down his forthcoming debut Highspeeds and it’s chock-full of foggy, melancholy fuzzed-out folk with traces of brass and wobbly electronics fraying the edges outward. I also had a chance to see him perform at SXSW last week, and the songs translated well live. Today Moss debuted “Best Light,” the last song on the album and a fitting closer for a record that plays with speed, sound and darkness like they’re instruments. Listen below, and if you like what you hear, also check out the gloaming title track, a victorious song about giving up.

(via Fader)

Highspeeds is out 4/28 via Grand Jury.

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