NYC Band Public Access T.V. Lived In The Building That Collapsed Today (They’re Safe)

This afternoon, an explosion at a building in the East Village caused the building and an adjacent one to go up in flames and eventually collapse. The New York Times says that at least a dozen people were injured, though no fatalities have been reported so far. It turns out that New York-based band Public Access T.V. lived in the building in question, but they assured everyone on their Facebook page earlier today that all of the band members are safe. Frontman (and former Be Your Own Pet member) John Eatherly had this to say:

We’ve got a lot of messages about our apartment burning down in New York today. We are all safe. Very very lucky. Thoughts go out to everyone else affected by it and the firefighters.

The band is currently on tour on the West Coast.

[Lead photo by Nick Sethi, via Facebook.]