Future – “Fuck Up Some Commas” Video

Future never sleeps. He released his third mixtape in six months, 56 Nights, last week, and has been on a tear releasing videos for songs from both Monster and Beast Mode. For the “Fuck Up Some Commas” video (Free Bandz contributed to Urban Dictionary if you need the etymology of the phrase) he heads out to a secluded industrial area to light some stuff on fire, including money! Good thing they are secluded because that is illegal. Future dances a lot in this video (and he’s has been dancing a lot more in his videos in general), so I’m hoping he goes full Rae Sremmurd and drops a little more choreography next time. He also has those champagne bottles with sparklers on them that I first saw in the “Lit Like Bic” video, so maybe he has been taking notes on the SremmLife lifestyle from his fellow Mike Will Made It associates. Clearly, the best part of this video is when Future goes into his staccato one. word. at. a. time. rapping. Future hasn’t become the rap savior we were expecting during his untouchable run a couple years back, but man, no one can manipulate a beat like him. Watch it below.

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