Palma Violets – “English Tongue”

British rockers Palma Violets have given us their upcoming album’s title track/lead single, “Danger In The Club,” and a video for that song, too. Today, they share the second single, “English Tongue,” continuing to infuse their scruffy garage rock with tinges of other genres and decades. The track’s title is a bit misleading because frontmen Samuel Fryer and Chilli Jesson employ a slight mumbling drawl reminiscent of Southern American folk, howling over Billy Joel-esque piano chords sitting low in the mix underneath big guitar strums. Yet it’s easy to imagine the group vocals being sung in off-key unison by drunken London pub dwellers swinging their mugs and sloshing ale around after last call. With all of this going on, it still works. Listen below.

Danger In The Club is out 5/5 on Rough Trade. Limited edition pre-orders are available here.